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16 Best Airbnb Mombasa Vacation Rentals (2024)

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Finding the perfect boarding facility is paramount to ensuring a relaxing vacation in Mombasa. In recent years, Airbnb has emerged as a game-changer in the travel industry, offering many delightful options for travelers. From beachfront villas to small yet restful apartments, each accommodation facility listed here ensures you experience the city’s outstanding hospitality. Join us as we explore some captivating Airbnb Mombasa vacation rentals, including The Secret Garden in the upmarket Nyali neighborhood.

1. Shabijay Villa Serena Beach

Shabijay Villa, a spacious Airbnb in Mombasa for large groups
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 5; Accommodates: 12 guests.

Shabijay Villa in the calm leafy suburb of Shanzu offers an exquisite escape from the mundane. With its opulent design and soothing sea breeze, this Airbnb gem promises an unforgettable stay in Mombasa. As a discerning traveler, you will relish the spacious rooms, private pool, and easy access to the beach.

The kitchen, complete with a gas stove, ensures seamless food preparation. Shabijay Villa Serena Beach is the epitome of luxury. It is a prime choice for those seeking the ultimate relaxation in the north coast area of Mombasa.

2. Beautiful Loft in Old Town

Mombasa Island Vacation Rentals & Homes
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 2; Accommodates: 4 guests.

For travelers with a penchant for history and culture, the Beautiful Loft in Old Town is a dream come true. It’s amidst the charming labyrinthine streets of Old Town Mombasa. This Airbnb offers a unique blend of modern comfort and historical charm. The loft’s intricate Swahili architecture transports you to a bygone era while providing all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

Dine at local Swahili restaurants and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Old Town during your stay here. Notable amenities: balcony, Wi-Fi, TV, and kitchen.

3. Cosy Loft With Rooftop Swimming Pool

Mombasa Vacation Rentals
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 2; Accommodates: 3 guests.

Mombasa’s tropical climate calls for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Well, the Cosy Loft with Rooftop Swimming Pool delivers just that. Perched atop a serene building, this Airbnb rental features a shared rooftop pool with panoramic views of the city. Unwind in style as you take in the vibrant skyline of Mombasa.

The loft’s cozy interiors provide a perfect retreat after a day of exploring the city’s attractions. Other highlights include Wi-Fi, an HDTV, and ceiling fans. It’s ideal for those seeking a cheap yet comfortable Airbnb in Mombasa, Nyali area.

4. Green House – Nyali

airbnb mombasa near beach
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 1; Accommodates: 2 guests.

Nyali is known for its upscale living and stunning coastline. The Green House in Nyali combines both, offering a tranquil escape in this affluent neighborhood. This Airbnb Mombasa vacation rental features a 43-inch TV with Netflix, free parking, Wi-Fi, and a balcony.

Its prime location allows guests to explore the vibrant Nyali nightlife and top beaches in Mombasa, including Nyali Beach. The Green House is an excellent choice for a solo traveler or a couple seeking a stylish stay in Mombasa City.

5. One-bedroom Serviced Apartment – Shanzu

accommodation in Mombasa county
Image © Airbnb.

Accommodates: 3 guests.

For travelers seeking convenience and affordability, the one-bedroom serviced apartment in Shanzu is a top pick. This cozy Airbnb in Mombasa provides all the comforts of home, including a fully equipped kitchen and speedy Wi-Fi.

Don’t hesitate to spend quality time in the shared pool. This property is in Shanzu and ensures easy access to the beach and local amenities such as malls and clubs. It is the perfect choice for couples or solo travelers looking for a peaceful retreat without breaking the bank.

6. A Budget-friendly Unit in Bamburi

airbnb Mombasa
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 1; Accommodates: 2 guests.

Are you in search of a cheap yet cozy Airbnb in Mombasa City? Check out this rental in the vibrant Bamburi neighborhood. With its comfortable sofa, modern lighting, and functional appliances, this Airbnb exudes sophistication.

Enjoy the tranquility of a private residence while being close to the lively atmosphere of the city. Moreover, it is close to Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach (Pirates Beach) and shopping malls such as Nyali Center and City Mall.

7. Amani Room – Mkomani, Nyali

Cheap airbnb mombasa nyali
Image © Airbnb.

Accommodates: 2 guests.

Here’s a self-contained room in a modern house. Amani Room in Mkomani, Nyali, offers a unique fusion of comfort and culture. Decorated with traditional Swahili elements, this Airbnb accommodation immerses you in the local ambiance while providing modern amenities.

Some amenities at your disposal include a furnished sitting room, full kitchen, smart TV, garden, and a small pool. The room’s serene setting and proximity to Nyali Beach make it an excellent choice for those who want to experience authentic coastal living.

8. Sunshine Studio

Find restful Airbnbs in Mombasa county
Image © Airbnb.

Accommodates: 3 guests.

The Sunshine Studio is a charming Airbnb vacation rental that caters to travelers looking for simplicity and comfort. This fully furnished studio on the sixth floor offers a cozy atmosphere, making it ideal for solo adventurers or couples.

Among its highlights are secure parking, fast Wi-Fi, a TV, and a full kitchen. Its central location allows easy access to Mombasa’s attractions such as Haller Park, Nyali Beach, and Kongowea Market. Enjoy the warmth of Mombasa’s sun from your own private space.

9. The Secret Garden

Airbnb villa with pool
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 3; Accommodates: 6 guests.

Book The Secret Garden for an unforgettable seaside holiday in Mombasa. This beachfront Airbnb Mombasa holiday rental is a true oasis of tranquility. Thanks to its size, the villa is a perfect choice for an extended family or a group of people.

One of its selling points is the gazebo, a serene spot to take in the ocean breeze. Other amenities include a rooftop terrace, a library, and a gaming area. What’s more, this Airbnb is about 200 meters (656.17 feet) from Nyali Centre, a premier shopping destination in Mombasa City.

10. A Posh Sea View Airbnb in Nyali

Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 5; Accommodates: 10 guests.

For larger groups and families, this stylish condo in the Nyali neighborhood is a fantastic option. It offers breathtaking sea views and ample space for everyone to relax. While here, you are free to soak all your cares away in the shared outdoor pool. Plus, there’s fast internet for you to stream Netflix movies on the 50-inch smart television.

The modern amenities and convenient location make it an ideal choice for those who seek a comfortable stay with their loved ones.

11. ThirtyVII – Nyali

Airbnb Mombasa
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 2; Accommodates: 4 guests.

ThirtyVII in Nyali is a luxurious haven that caters to those with discerning tastes. The beautiful woodwork, large windows, soft carpets, and indoor plants make this Airbnb more charming. Equipped with internet and a workstation, you can finish up your assignment with ease while here.

The shared outdoor pool, open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., is a nice place to freshen up on any sunny afternoon. So, whether you’re in Mombasa to celebrate a special occasion or simply craving a lavish escape, ThirtyVII will offer an unmatched experience.

12. Royal Haven – Bamburi

best airbnb mombasa bamburi
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 1; Accommodates: 2 guests.

Settle at Royal Haven. First off, this Airbnb in Mombasa, Bamburi area, is less than a four-minute drive from Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach. Further, it has a fully equipped kitchen, where you can put together quick meals when hunger pangs strike.

The 50-inch television and Wi-Fi are there to ensure you don’t get weary while indoors. So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the coastal lifestyle and create unforgettable memories in Bamburi.

13. Light House – Bamburi

airbnb mombasa bamburi
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 1; Accommodates: 2 guests.

Gear up for a restful stay at Light House, a cozy rental unit in Bamburi. It is in a calm neighborhood and has plenty of modern conveniences. While here, watch the latest Netflix movies or news on the 43-inch television.

The modern kitchen comes in handy for those looking to rustle up their meals. Guests coming here in their automobiles enjoy free parking. 

14. Spacious Townhouse With a Garden

Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 5; Accommodates: 10 guests.

Are you in search of a five-bedroom Airbnb in Mombasa City? Choose this spacious townhouse. It offers comfortable and stylish accommodation in a serene environment. Among its highlights is a serene garden, where you can soak up Mombasa’s sun.

Do not forget to take full advantage of the swimming pool and full kitchen. Worry less about power outages, as this rental features a functional backup generator.

15. Seaside Vacation Home With a Gracious Host

Airbnb in Mombasa. Restful accommodations
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 2; Accommodates: 4 guests.

Do you fancy waking up to stunning ocean views or being soothed to sleep by ocean breezes? If yes, then this Airbnb Mombasa vacation home is for you. It offers a fantastic blend of comfort and breathtaking vistas.

The rental’s floor-to-ceiling windows allow ample natural light and let guests take in views of the ocean seamlessly. The kitchen here is spacious and features a functional refrigerator. The icing on the cake is the welcoming host who helps visitors plan their trips around the city.

16. Nyali Royal Haven

Airbnb Mombasa
Image © Airbnb.

Bedroom(s): 2; Accommodates: 4 guests.

Nyali Royal Haven is a superb Airbnb option for travelers who value modern amenities and convenience. This condo comes complete with a swimming pool, internet, and air conditioning, ensuring your comfort during your stay. Its proximity to the beach allows you to make the most of Mombasa’s coastal charm. Further, it is within a five-minute walk to City Mall and Nyali Centre, two premier shopping destinations in the city.

Best Airbnb Mombasa

In conclusion, vacation rentals in Kenya’s second-largest city offer a diverse range of accommodation options. Whether you want to unwind in a posh rental or a tiny yet cozy Airbnb, there’s something for every traveler’s taste and budget in the destination. These Airbnb Mombasa vacation rentals promise an immersive experience that allows you to explore the city’s beauty while enjoying the comforts of home.

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