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10 Best Restaurants in Mombasa CBD

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Mombasa is not only known for its rich history and stunning beaches but also for its diverse and vibrant culinary scene. That said, there are several places to eat in the heart of Mombasa’s Central Business District (CBD). Each restaurant in the locality offers a delightful journey through various cuisines and culinary experiences. Let’s delve into the top restaurants in Mombasa CBD, each offering a unique gastronomic adventure.

1. Chicken Inn – Haile Selassie

Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash.

From mouthwatering fried chicken to spicy wings, Chicken Inn has mastered preparing chicken in various forms. Each dish in this fast food restaurant tells a story of flavor and culinary expertise.

The menu extends beyond chicken, featuring tasty ice creams, milkshakes, and pizza. Further, the restaurant’s interior reflects a blend of modernity and tradition, providing a comfortable space for patrons. Exceptional customer service further enhances the overall experience, making Chicken Inn a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Location: Haile Selasie Rd, Mombasa.

2. Barka

Photo by Prabal Pratap Singh.

Barka Restaurant invites diners to savor the richness of Swahili cuisine. The food menu here features aromatic biryanis, pilau, shawarma, chapati, and other Kenyan delicacies. After your meal, you can enjoy spiced tea, tamarind juice, or a soda. This restaurant’s ambiance is simple yet cozy, thus creating an authentic setting for diners.

Location: Mji wa Kale, Makadara Rd, Mvita.

3. KFC Mombasa Town Branch

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), a global fast food giant, has successfully adapted its offerings to local tastes. The Mombasa town branch brings internationally acclaimed flavors to the heart of the city.

While KFC is renowned for its original recipe chicken, the Mombasa Town Branch introduces specialized items catering to local preferences. Spicy variations and unique sides showcase the restaurant’s commitment to diversity.

Location: Mombasa Trade Centre (formerly Ambalal House), next to Holy Ghost Cathedral.

4. Blue Room Restaurant & Ice Cream

Image from Blue Room Restaurant Instagram page.

Blue Room Restaurant and Ice Cream uniquely combines savory meals and indulgent desserts. This fusion concept sets it apart in Mombasa’s culinary landscape. Beef burgers, grilled fish, and chicken poussin are popular dishes here.

Apart from its savory dishes, Blue Room is a dessert haven, offering a tempting array of ice creams and sweet treats to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Location: Haile Selasie Rd, Mombasa.

5. Al Yusra

Picture from Al Yusra Restaurant’s Facebook page.

Stepping into Al Yusra is like embarking on a journey through Arabian flavors. It’s one of the newest restaurants in Mombasa CBD and specializes in authentic Arabic, Somali, and continental cuisines.

The restaurant’s ambiance reflects the warmth of Middle Eastern hospitality. From the decor to the service, Al Yusra creates an immersive experience for diners seeking genuine flavors.

Location: Nkurumah Rd, Mombasa.

6. Tarboush Restaurant

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran on Pexels.

Tarboush transports diners to the heart of the Middle East with its exquisite Middle Eastern cuisine. The aroma of spices and flavors evokes a sense of authenticity.

The menu here offers a variety of delicious options, including mutton mandi, beef shawarma sandwich, mutton pilau, and chicken biryani. Portions are generous, and the prices reasonable. Further, they serve chilled soft drinks to help you cool down the heat in Mombasa.

Location: Makadara Rd, Mombasa.

7. Camels Joint

Photo by Antony Trivet on Pexels.

For a fusion of international and local tastes, Camels Joint emerges as a unique culinary destination. The menu is a testament to the diverse influences that shape Mombasa’s food scene. Shawarma, biryani, and fried fish are some delicacies served here. This eatery also has an outdoor sitting area where guests have their meals.

Location: Haile Selasie Road, Mombasa.

8. Qaffee Point

Image from Qaffee Point Facebook page.

Qaffee Point, one of the top family-friendly restaurants in Mombasa CBD, distinguishes itself through its diverse menu and captivating ambiance. As you step inside, you are greeted by a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and local aesthetics. The warm, earthy tones, complemented by the soft hum of background music, create an inviting atmosphere perfect for various.

Whether you are here for Swahili cuisine or a cup of coffee, come prepared to savor the richness of flavors and the warmth of Kenyan hospitality.

Location: Ralli House, Nyerere Ave, Mombasa.

9. Crave Restaurant – Downtown

Photo by Coco Hache on Pexels.

Here’s a trendy restaurant combining innovation and tradition to create a unique culinary destination in Mombasa CBD. This eatery boasts a stylish interior, featuring modern lighting and indoor plants. Their food menu comprises pizza, burgers, fish, and sandwiches. What’s more, this Halal-certified eatery serves tasty milkshakes, waffles, ice creams, and cakes.

Location: Opposite Makadara Gardens, Makadara Road, Mombasa.

Nearby Restaurant

10. Forodhani Restaurant

Seafront dining area at Forodhani Restaurant. Image © Facebook.

This restaurant is along the picturesque shores of the Indian Ocean and about a 10-minute walk from Mombasa CBD. As you step into Forodhani, the warm breeze from the ocean complements the inviting ambianceMoreover, the restaurant’s open-air design allows guests to dine under the starlit sky, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean waves.

From succulent grilled seafood to tantalizing street food-inspired snacks, each dish here is a celebration of local ingredients and traditional recipes.

Location: Sir Mbarak Hinawy Road, Mombasa (near Fort Jesus).

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