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10 Best Restaurants in Nyali, Mombasa (2024)

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Nyali boasts plenty of goodies for both locals and tourists. Among the tourist sites in this neighborhood are City Mall and Nyali Beach. Moreover, the posh neighborhood promises a delightful culinary journey for all food enthusiasts. Here, you can dine in a fast food joint or a high-end restaurant. With a diverse selection of restaurants in the area, gear up for a unique blend of flavors and ambiance. Let’s now dive into the world of delectable experiences and explore the best restaurants in Nyali, Mombasa.

1. Cafesserie Mombasa

Image © Cafesserie Facebook page.

Cafesserie Mombasa is a true gem, offering a blend of elegance and delectable flavors. The restaurant’s chic interior welcomes you to a world of gourmet delights. From a hearty breakfast to an exquisite dinner, Cafesserie presents a menu crafted with utmost care. Indulge in their signature dishes such as grilled chicken and pizzas, which showcase the richness of Nyali’s culinary scene.

2. Tamarind Mombasa – Dhow and Restaurant

best restaurants in Mombasa city
Image © Tamarind Mombasa Facebook page.

Tamarind Mombasa takes dining to the sea with its unique dhow restaurant. Imagine savoring delectable seafood while the gentle sea breeze caresses your senses. This establishment offers an unparalleled experience with its fresh catch of the day, grilled to perfection. The coconut prawn curry is a must-try, exemplifying the harmony of coastal ingredients and culinary expertise.

3. Java House

Photo by CURVD® on Unsplash.

Java House, a name synonymous with comfort and good food, has a strong presence in Nyali. This restaurant chain seamlessly blends international favorites with local flavors. Whether you’re craving a chocolate cake, sandwiches, or a hot cup of coffee, Java House delivers. The welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu options make it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

4. Roberto’s Italian Restaurant

Photo by Faizan Saeed on Unsplash.

Transport yourself to the romantic streets of Italy at Roberto’s Italian Restaurant. Nestled in Nyali, along Links Road, this culinary haven brings authentic Italian flavors to the Kenyan coast. Each dish is a work of art, meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients. Indulge in classic pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Carbonara or savor a wood-fired pizza in a serene environment.

5. The Dhow House

Photo by Lee Myungseong on Unsplash.

The Dhow House offers more than just a meal; it provides an immersive cultural experience. This restaurant celebrates the region’s rich heritage. While here, you can feast on seafood or Swahili delights, including aromatic biryanis and succulent grilled meats. The rhythmic music and warm ambiance create a dining experience like no other.

Aside from the restaurant, this establishment has a bar, lush garden, and a swimming pool. Live music performances and events such as painting and sand art are also held here.

6. 10 Street

Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash.

For those with an adventurous palate, 10 Street presents an exciting gastronomic journey. This restaurant is a nice place to enjoy cool music, sip creatively made cocktails, and feast on tasty foods. On the food menu are burgers, fish, chips, grilled chicken, and shawarma. Further, it is among the best restaurants in Mombasa today. 10 Street is the place to be for those after a mix of good music and tasty meals.

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7. Maasai Beach Bar & Restaurant

Image © Maasai Restaurants’ Facebook page.

Are you looking to combine breathtaking beachfront views with delectable dishes in Nyali? Choose Maasai Beach Bar & Restaurant. It is a serene oasis for food lovers. Their menu offers a fusion of international and coastal flavors, among them roast meat, samosas, pork ribs, and grilled chicken. Don’t miss out on their seafood platters and refreshing cocktails that perfectly complement the oceanic setting.

8. Big Square Nyali

Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash.

Big Square Nyali brings comfort food to new heights with its hearty and satisfying offerings. From juicy burgers to loaded fries, this restaurant is a paradise for those seeking classic comfort dishes. The generous portions and vibrant atmosphere make it a favorite spot for families and friends to gather over a satisfying meal.

9. Pizza Inn City Mall

Photo by Food Photographer on Unsplash.

Pizza Inn City Mall, another fast-food restaurant, beckons! This eatery is famous for serving delicious pizzas, ice cream, grilled chicken, and soft drinks. It has an outdoor seating area where you can have your meal. The best part is that it’s among affordable restaurants in Nyali, Mombasa. So, drop by this eatery before or after a shopping spree.

10. Kingston Beach Lounge

Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita on Unsplash.

We can’t conclude our list of the best restaurants in Nyali, Mombasa without mentioning Kingston Beach Lounge. It offers a perfect balance of culinary excellence and relaxation. With a stunning beachfront location, this eatery sets the stage for unforgettable dining moments. The menu boasts a fusion of Kenyan food and international flavors. Delight in nyama choma (roast meat) or pork chops, expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds.

Must-visit food joints in the Nyali area

From coastal seafood to international delights, the best restaurants in Nyali promise an unforgettable journey for your taste buds. Whether you’re seeking elegance, cultural immersion, or comfort, Nyali’s culinary landscape has something for everyone. Indulge, savor, and create lasting memories through these exceptional dining experiences.


Are these restaurants in Nyali suitable for families? Absolutely! Many of these restaurants offer family-friendly menus and settings. From kid-friendly options to spacious seating, families can enjoy quality meals together.

Can I find vegetarian options at any of the above food joints? Yes, most of the eateries on this list, for example, Roberto’s Italian Restaurant, offer vegetarian-friendly dishes. They understand the importance of catering to various dietary preferences and ensure a diverse menu.

Is it necessary to make reservations? Though making a reservation ensures you secure a table, it’s not always necessary in the eateries. That said, don’t hesitate to make a reservation during holiday seasons and weekends for the best experience.

Do these restaurants offer seafood dishes? Definitely! Given Nyali’s coastal location, seafood is a prominent feature on many menus. You’ll find an array of seafood options, from grilled to curried, showcasing the region’s marine bounty. Tamarind Mombasa’s seafood platter is a must-try.

Are these restaurants budget-friendly? These restaurants in Nyali offer a range of price points to cater to different budgets. While some provide a luxurious experience, others offer affordable yet delicious meals without compromising on quality.

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