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6 Best Beaches in Kenya (Sandy and Free)

Kenya, famous for its scenic landscapes, record-breaking athletes, and expansive wildlife preserves, is perfect for a beach getaway. The country has a wealth of sandy beaches dotted on its 490-kilometer (304.47-mile) long coastline. Also, there are palm trees, fishing villages, accommodation facilities, clubs, and food joints along the shoreline. Besides soaking in the Indian Ocean waters, you’re […]

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Top 3 Beaches in Mombasa and Where to Stay

Mombasa is a beautiful city on the coast of Kenya. It offers a great getaway from the bustle of Nairobi, the nation’s capital. But Mombasa’s stunning mosques, Swahili culture, welcoming people, and outstanding history are not its only attractions. Some of the best beaches in Kenya are in Mombasa. They are characterized by white sand, […]